I’m an Australian resident in North Queensland at home town Charters Towers. I’m a variety streamer, creative been affiliated since April 2018 with Twitch and promote and support streamers to make the twitch community an enjoyable experience for everyone. Lovemaking content, to entertain on my streams with gaming, and odd occasions with cosplay. In my streams, I’m happy to talk about mental health awareness and education, along with sharing my story with mental health and early childhood education plus as a parent. Even though l love playing video games, l have become non for profit twitch stream supporting charities on special occasions for streaming on Twitch, especially Starlight Children Foundation, Salvation Army Australia, Dementia Australia, Parkinson’s Queensland and the Blackdog Institute. Other interests creative drawing using procreate and designs for social media logos/banners/panels/advertising with a focus on Twitch commissions or any requests where a donation goes towards to charity of the current time or asked what charity like to donate to.

Gaming started in my childhood on retro games console Atari 2600, which l still have and run from time to time. l received back in 1982 for Christmas that year and played endless hours on it, especially during the school holidays.
Preferred Console is PS4 along with XBOX and some PC gaming.

Purchase merch at my store will support not only my channel but my two children. That will carry lowing costs at home and return small percentage to charity.

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The Little Arty Studio

“I endorse and recommend anyone after emotes or stream panels. Very talented digital art and graphics creator and visual art. “

Wayne Kratzmann “@ArtesianBuilds Ambassador”
My name creator name is Kratzy76au, I’m a gamer and a content creator. I have a wide variety of interests and enjoy anything that has to do with gaming

Kratzy76au Twitch Stream Schedule

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